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Frequently Asked Questions

People in general wants to know whether the therapy will help them. The first point will be to explore what have they brought them to therapy and whether they have thought about their issues. We will need to answer all the questions and even those questions that we cannot answer we will need to find some explanation as to why they cannot be answered.

How long does psychotherapy last?
Difficult to answer as everybody is different. We you engage in time limited it might take just 8/12 sessions otherwise it might take longer. Longer term does not necessarily means your are very ill, it means that you might want to explore your issues in a more in depth way.

How much does it cost?
I offer a consultation for an hour, generally the consultation costs £90 but not the rest of the session. The cost of the sessions will be discussed if we decide to proceed.

What sort of therapy will you be offered?
The one which is appropriate for you. I will discuss with you what is the best way to proceed.

The sessions are confidential. Everything that you and I discuss in the consultation or subsequent sessions will remain confidential between you and me.

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