Claudia Kramer Psychotherapy Counselling & Psychotherapy in Finchley & London Bridge

About your therapy : You have taken the first step which is the most difficult, you have decided you want help and/or to explore feelings and thoughts that are happening to you which at time you cannot find an explanation or a reason but you find yourself again and again in the same painful situation. Psychotherapy can help you to explore those issues and find explanations to questions or questions to certain answers.

Psychotherapy offers an in-depth and open-ended opportunity to explore aspects and conflict of one's life that are causing stress and concern and do not allow you to progress in your life in a meaningful manner. The past, the present and the future and interrelated so each of them need to be addressed to facilitate eventually a more fulfill life.

Time Limited Therapy: A contract is discussed between you and me. Usually I offer between 8 and 12 session. During this time, you and I will focus on an specific area which needs to be explored.

What Conditions Can it Help? As I mentioned before counselling/psychotherapy can help you with stress, relationship problems, unfulfilled issues in your life, stress, bereavement, depression, work problems, identity issues.

What Benefits can be Expected? The possibility to change the patterns, to make modifications to certain ways of thinking and feeling, instead of being at the mercy of your conflict, the possibility to turn the feelings and thoughts around.

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